Tulsa Rocketry is an Oklahoma nonprofit organization dedicated to rocketry education and to providing the public the means to safely pursue rocketry. We work with area schools and youth groups on rocketry education and integrating rocketry into their programs and curriculum. We hold monthly meetings where everyone is invited to come learn about rocketry.

Each month we hold launches that are open to the public where we provide the launch equipment, space and FAA waivers needed to launch rockets of all sizes in a safe manner. Once a year, we hold a two-day launch in Pawhuska that draws flyers from Oklahoma and surrounding states along with dozens of kids and spectators.

Rocketry incorporates a wide variety of disciplines and skills such as physics, engineering, math, construction techniques and scale modeling. There are challenges in it for every age, every skill level, and every interest whether you’re flying small model rockets or large high-power rockets.

Flying high-power rockets requires certification from a national rocketry organization as well as a location with the proper size and airspace clearances. We are here to help with developing the skills needed to be successful and achieving the certifications needed to fly high-power rockets.

Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Saturn V Launch

On Saturday, July 20, 2019 Tulsa Rocketry launched a 1:48 scale Saturn V to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Members spent 16 months building the rocket and resulted in a highly detailed model that was museum quality, but could still fly. We launched the model on a K700 and it flew to 1943 ft.

A build thread can be found here.

Videos of the flight can be found here and here.