Tulsa Rocketry funds much of our operations and activities through membership dues. Dues help support us by allowing us to procure and maintain the equipment needed to conduct our launches. They also help us fund our education programs like RocketScience. We offer two types of membership – Junior for ages 14 to 17 and Senior for ages 18 and over.

Junior membership for ages 14 to 17 is $3.00 per year. Junior members fly free with a responsible adult, but there are no voting rights.

Senior membership for ages 18 and over is $20.00 per year. This comes with full voting rights. Senior members can fly low power and high power for free along with any member in their household.

Adults must be a member of Tripoli or NAR to fly out our launches. Membership in these organizations includes liability insurance which is why we require it.

Tripoli Membership Information
You can join Tripoli online at or by filling out a membership application at our launch and paying the membership fee. Membership is $70 for the first year for ages 18 and over and $10 for under age 18 and students up to age 24.

NAR Membership Information
You can join NAR online at Membership is $62 per year for ages 26 and older, $25 per year for ages under 26. Membership includes a magazine 6 times per year.