Map to Launch Site

Note:  Our launch site in Leonard Is Private Property. Please respect that and only go there when an actual scheduled club launch is taking place. To do otherwise is trespassing on Private Property. Visitors are always welcome at our official launches and meetings.

Take Memorial Drive south through Bixby.  Follow the curve to the East to Leonard (about 5mi from the curve).  Look for the Post Office (North side of the road).  Take the first left after the Post Office. Take another left to 161st Street.  Proceed about a mile north to the 4 way stop at 161st and 161st.  Turn right (East) to the sod farms.

Travel down 161st Street to Lynn Lane, turn North. Drive about 1/4 mile and turn West onto a dirt road next to the vehicle sheds.  The ‘X marks the general location where we fly. Follow the roads (dirt or paved). DO NOT DRIVE ON THE SOD!